Brain Teasers

You can find the following categories of brain teasers:

  • Kids Riddles & Logic Puzzles

    Welcome to kids riddles & logic puzzles for kids. Get your children involved in using problem solving skills. Do you know any popular riddles? Can you think of any new? Great! Just combine them with some nice pictures and create beautiful and funny riddles for kids with answers. Even adults can participate, so it can be fun even if you are not a kid anymore. The sky is the limit, use your imagination and compose the best kids riddle ever!
  • Logic Riddles

    Logic riddles with answers will test your judgements properly. Imagine different situations and pick the best one. These riddles might be tough a bit as they can require logical reasoning and math background. Just give it a try. If you are an adult looking for great logic riddles with answers and use your head, you are at the right place. To be short, deduce the answers with pure logic.
  • Number & Maths Puzzles

    Do you like playing with numbers? Do you like math? Then have a look at number & maths puzzles with answers. You have to find the correct solution under given conditions. As you can expect, mathematics should be used here. Just imagine that different people around the world create different types of maths puzzles based on their mathematical knowledge. Take this challenge, create and solve easy and hard number and maths puzzles with answers!
  • Picture Logic Puzzles

    You might want to try our picture logic puzzles. Literally everything that requires logic to solve can be put on pictures to create a great experience with solving these logic puzzles. You might create really unique puzzle in a form of a brain teaser. Just make sure it's not impossible to solve. We are looking forward to getting the best picture logic puzzles from you to offer them to our solvers!.

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