pythagoras maths

This maths puzzle consists of two smaller puzzles. The first one is an equation with orange and lemon. Once you find the numbers for fruit, solve the second task. You can use Pythagoras math to solve it. What is the missing number?

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math riddle with answer

This math puzzle consists of three sea animals - turtle, crab and octopus. Each animal represents a positive number. Can you find all the numbers a solve this math puzzle?

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number puzzle

This brain teaser with numbers is going to test your math skills. Find the hidden pattern, play with numbers and get the correct result. Which number is the result of 6113 provided everything above is true?

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what number should come next

What number will come next in the series? Follow the pattern and find the number in this maths puzzle. The question mark should be replaced by your number. Do you already know?

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christmas math puzzle for genius

Can you solve this math puzzle? You have a christmas tree, a present, a teddy bear. Hope you enjoy this one, merry christmas to all of fans of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles and so on!!!! :)

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animal puzzle for math stars

Can you find the answer? There are two animals - triceratops and brontosaurus. I bet you know all of them. Nevertheless, do you also know the answer for this number math puzzle? Maybe it's not that straightforward.

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three positive numbers added and multiplied

Which three positive numbers give you the same result when you add them together as well as multiply them together? In other words, find values for A,B,C and D. Keep in mind the numbers must be greater than zero.

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numbers in circles

There are three circles with four numbers inside. Each circle has different numbers based on a rule. Can you find the number in this math brain teaser?

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solve this number puzzle

You have 4 numbers - 6, 15, 28, 45. Your goal is to find the fifth in a row based on the sequence pattern. Are you able to solve this brain teaser?

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